We play our first game in 2 weeks and still haven't heard from our coach?       
Don't panic, with late registrations etc. we sometimes are not able to finalise all teams until a week or two before the competition starts.

When is training?                            
The coaches, subject to their availability, determine training times. Most teams train at Magdala between  4 - 6.00pm, or later after daylight savings starts.

What Uniform do we need?  
For Under 7's, 8's and 9's the club supplies the uniform top (white or gold) and blue pants.
U10's and up the club provides a club baseball shirt. You will  need to purchase white baseball pants with royal blue belt.
You are also required to purchase a club baseball cap and royal blue baseball socks. 

Does my child need special shoes?                    
Children can play in track shoes for U7 –U9's but U10 and above are required to wear soccer boots or non-metal cleats. 

Should my child wear a protector or mouth guard?              
This is a personal choice; as there is always a risk that a player may be struck by a batted or thrown ball..
The club recommends that children playing in Under 9's and up wear protectors.

Does the club provide a child minding service?  
NO!  We are not a child minding service. The club expects at least 1 parent or guardian to be present for all your child's training sessions and games. 

If I have a question who should I talk to?                      
The first point of contact should always be the team manager.

How can I become more involved in the running of the club?                    
We are always looking for people who can help. We need coaches, managers, scorers & umpires for each team (we provide training where necessary).
Please talk to your team manager or any committee member