Volunteer Roles

All positions - coaches, managers, umpires and scorers - are voluntary. These roles are essential as a team can’t function and a game can’t happen without all of these people. Baseball is a game that involves all the family, and we encourage you to get involved.

One of the most common fears about getting involved is “I don’t know anything about the game…” Don’t worry, none of us did, and you’ll have fun learning. There are loads of friendly people in the club who are only too happy to help expand your knowledge. The roles are explained here, together with feedback from those who have recently fulfilled these roles.

The Coach (and any assistant coach) learns the most about the game and has the greatest impact on the kids. They run training sessions once a week and prepare game sheets for the game. They provide the leadership, guidance and inspiration for the kids from week to week, game to game.

As one coach said: “Most of my coaching experience has been with younger players (5-9yrs) and many of them are beginners. The best thing about being a coach is being able to sit back at the end of the season and see how much the players have learnt, improved, and how much fun they have had throughout the season.”

The Manager is the person who makes the Coach’s job easier, by looking after the communications of the team and organising the team on game day, keeping the batting order right from innings to innings, getting the game sheet in and calling in the result. They also write a match report that is e-mailed to the team and included on the web-site.

The Manger’s role is not hard and it makes a big difference to the kids and the coach. From a new manger who now has two years experience: “I knew absolutely nothing when I volunteered for the role, and I was concerned that I would make a mess of it. I found that I had great support from my coach and I really enjoyed being involved and helping make the team operate successfully. I now know more about baseball than I thought I ever would and I’m having a lot of fun being part of the team.”

The Scorer gets the best seat at the game – well, after the umpire! Sitting right behind home plate they track every play, record “Hugh’s on first, Watt’s on second…”, strikes, balls, fouls, runs scored, number of batters – all of which helps the umpire keep track of the game and ensures the result is correct.

“Initially I wasn’t keen to “help-out” as I knew nothing about T-ball/Baseball. I volunteered to assist with scoring, as I knew I’d be at each game anyway and another mum put up her hand so we took it in turns. We learnt the rules and how to score as each game went by and now I look forward to socialising with the other parents and being “part of the team” each season.”

Another said “. I volunteered to become a scorer and it has increased my enjoyment of the game. While it has provided me with the opportunity to meet parents from other teams, it is not greatly demanding on my time - it is my way of saying thank you to the coaches and other volunteers for giving their time. The greatest pleasure is watching the enjoyment on the children’s faces as they can play in a smoothly organised atmosphere”

The Umpire runs the game, controls the action, and adjudicates on the plays. As an umpire you get the best spot at the game, literally right on top of the action. You’ll get to the heart of the game, and learn just about everything there is to know.

As one of our new umpires said after 1 year “all that it takes is a sense of fair play, a willingness to want to get out there and help the kids have some fun in a managed and safe environment.”

We know from our experience that when you volunteer you get to know more about the game, and then you get more out of watching the game. We get all parents involved in running the team and the club so that the work is spread around, and everyone participates in creating a great experience for the kids. Being involved in baseball is a really rewarding experience.

To ensure a team can be fielded for your child, please indicate on the previous page at least one way in which you can help. Training and assistance for all volunteers is available and we will make sure you are supported as a volunteer.